When I was looking for some free amigurumi patterns, I found Nerdigurumi, which offers several free crochet patterns for amigurumi nerds as the title says. ;) But these patterns aren’t just patterns. They’re special. They’re awesome.
For example, the first pattern I found on this blog was about how to crochet a Big Daddy. Some of you already know what I’m talking about. Yeah, I’m talking about the big man in a diving suit, which saves the little sisters from the cruel slicers. I’m talking about Bioshock. I do not play egoshooter very often, more precisely never. I don’t like this genre, but Bioshock was the first shooter I’ver ever played. And if you believe it or not, I played it through, twice. So you can tell me a big Bioshock-Fan. My boyfriend has a little version of the Big Daddy standing next to his Flat-TV. And I think he would appreciate a crocheted Big Daddy friend nearby. ;) What do you think?

Unfortunately BioShock 2 is already released, and it’s standing in our game rack, but I didn’t found the time yet to turn the Xbox360 on. But I will, some time. ;)

There is another great pattern for the Sackboy of Little Big Planet, who’s interested. It’s that cute than the Original, but you can hug him. :love:

April 29, 2010 · Posted in English, Fundgrube, Selbstgemacht  


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